Welcome to MezcalXO.com Welcome to MezcalXO.  Christopher Wong is the founder of MezcalXO.com  (pronounced as "Mezcal XO" where "XO" means  "Excellent" or "Excellence"). He visited Mount Popo ( active volcano ) in Mexico one day, and learned that the agave  plant there has a unique quality of excellence in making  Mezcal, and Tequila. The local Indian immediately took the opportunity and produce the finest spirits of Mexico's pride in the world. We have the thousand years old recipe from  the Indian that no one else has. We believe our product is  the best of the best. Legend said this is the only alcohol  that will not give you a hang over, and sometimes work as  medication for the people there. Our Mezcal can not be  reproduce anywhere in the world, only in this region. "Margarita is the number one mixed drink  in the United States. Mezcal, or Tequila is a must have for every bar in the world." © 2013 Mezcalxo, Inc. All rights reserved. Sole distribution of our liquors in your geographically zone is welcome. Please contact us today for more information... Happy Chinese New Year February 10, 2013 Click to go QINGMING FESTIVAL SPAIN MAKES IT WELL... MOON  FESTIVAL